Monomatic –Providing winding technology for packaging solutions

17 février 2017

FRANCE n Packaging design complexities, new substrate properties, and the search for optimal quality are daily technical concerns for all those within the industry. Innovative packaging solutions require new and sometimes delicate operations such as printing, embossing, hot stamping, holograms, varnishing, specific coating and other treatments. Each process requires advanced equipment with enhanced performances. Taking into consideration the integrity of the substrate to be unwound and/or rewound it is critical to ensure the quality of the end result.

For six decades, Monomatic’s technicians and engineers have been attentive to each process requirement in order to develop specific solutions. The French company develops specific winding and unwinding technologies, covering multiple applications, and answering to numerous technical challenges while helping develop and propose solutions within the tobacco, food and liquid packaging, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods packaging markets.

The company’s existence is closely linked to the continuous and permanent evolution of market trends, particularly for folding cartons. In recent years, increasingly diverse, complex substrates (such as OPP, BOPP, PET, PES, PVC) and combined materials (PE coated paper or board, nonwoven complexes and laminated products) have required more sophisticated equipment in order to transport, cut and splice them.

Web tension control is another very important element in the printing process since it provides the stability of the web during printing and converting operations. Based on known technologies using dancer rollers or load cells, Monomatic offers ways to manage tension control devices and is today capable of handling tension for various substrates with thicknesses ranging from 10 up to 700 microns

The company’s range of unwinders includes specific options in order to achieve optimized production yields while minimizing waste, in particular Monomatic’s devices are capable of splicing in register at high speed; automatically releasing the splice with a reduced remaining length on the core; motorized reel braking; automatic web tension control; and fully automated solutions.

Monomatic’s range of rewinders also offers a choice of technologies adapted to the substrate to be rewound. In particular the company offers compact and economic surface drive solutions; axial drive rewinders that are suitable for sensitive materials; a combined axial and surface solution for optimized performances; “Pope design” winders for wide web applications; and optimized, controlled web tension.

Beginning in 1951, the Strasbourg-based company grew to become a designer and manufacturer of non-stop unwinders and rewinders. After being integrated into the NSC group in 1999, Monomatic continues to develop internationally in partnership with the manufacturers of other product lines and by listening to the needs of end users. With exports accounting for more than 90% of the company’s sales, today Monomatic has 60 employees and its yearly turnover is approximately EUR 7 million. Its machines are installed in production lines around the world including in Europe, China, Russia, Africa, and the USA.


“A must-attend event”

15 septembre 2016


Newly developed Monomatic DZ butt-splicer presented during the drupa show.


In the history of Monomatic, the drupa exhibition remains a must-attend event, as the legend says that something always happens during this fantastic show.

This new drupa edition was the opportunity for the company to present its newly developed DZ butt-splicer, latter born zero-speed nonstop unwinder for board application … but not only!

Thanks to its new patented splicing unit, integrating new functionalities, with less maintenance, the DZ unwinder is today capable to handle different type of substrates in order to respond to a large range of applications for film, paper, textile, nonwoven, or composite materials.

Confirming the technological advance of motorized reel braking, decided almost 15 years ago for the past generation of Monomatic splicers, the DZ generation offers a perfectly controlled and accurate web tension regulation, key element of the process stability for the variety of substrates possibly handled.

The equipment also includes new features like a modular design, the motorized threading of the new web, flexibility given to the splice unit, thus giving to this innovative unwinder additional operability and reliability qualities.

Let’s say that the visitors of Monomatic booth were absolutely impressed by the easy-to-use quality of the unwinder, the low level of maintenance achieved, and the performance reached, giving to this equipment its letters of nobility in the world of nonstop.

The drupa show is one of the main events of the global graphic industry, where Monomatic remains a major actor for the supply of unwinding and rewinding solutions worldwide, more than 90% of its turnover being realized out of France.

Even now reduced to 11 days, the exhibition was extremely positive for Monomatic in term of attendance (with 45 different nationalities received), quality of the exchanges, with many projects already in negotiations, some already informally confirmed …

The legend continues!

Dérouleur « MS VT »

1 septembre 2012

« Short stop, fast run ! »: l’esprit d’innovation de MONOMATIC

MONOMATIC, spécialisé depuis près de 60 ans dans la conception et la construction de dérouleurs et d’enrouleurs nonstop pour des lignes d’impression, d’enduction et de contre collage… continue son développement en offrant des machines parfaitement adaptées aux exigences de ses clients.

Déjà à la pointe du progrès dans le domaine des dérouleurs et des enrouleurs pour produits fins – avec des vitesses de production et de raccordement allant jusqu’à 1000 m/min pour des bobines de diamètre 1,5 m et de laize 2 m, voire plus – Monomatic renforce également sa position de leader dans le domaine du carton et des complexes grâce à son dérouleur « MS VT » nouvellement développé et spécialement conçu pour les lignes d’impression à grandes vitesses.

Dérouleur MS VT

Ce nouveau dérouleur, récemment présenté à la Drupa 2008 complète parfaitement la gamme existante de dérouleurs type « MS BB » et « MS BT » (dérouleurs pour bobines de diamètre 1,85 m et laize jusqu’à 850 mm, pour des vitesses de raccordement bout à bout jusqu’à 400 m/min), en répondant à des demandes de plus en plus fréquentes de machines susceptibles de travailler à des vitesses jusqu’à 600 m/min.

Le dérouleur « MS VT », basé sur des techniques de déroulage entièrement maîtrisées par les équipes de Monomatic, est doté d’un système de raccordement nouvellement breveté, garantissant un cycle de collage encore plus court et un temps de préparation de la nouvelle bobine réduit.

Sa construction compacte et ergonomique, facilitant l’accès et le travail des opérateurs, et son accumulateur horizontal, offrant quant à lui un gain de place évident, hissent ce dérouleur au premier rang dans l’industrie de l’impression à grandes vitesses.

Le dérouleur « MS VT » est la concrétisation même de l’esprit d’innovation que Monomatic cultive depuis sa création et de son souci permanent de proposer des solutions techniques totalement en adéquation avec les besoins de ses clients, qu’ils soient constructeurs de lignes ou utilisateurs finaux.